La Brigade

If you see something at FEQ, say something!

Our psychosocial workers are available on all FEQ sites from 5 PM to midnight every day.

To contact them, call or text at 418-399-9482.

In case of emergency, immediately notify security or call 911.

Our services :

  • Assistance in situations of psychological distress, anxiety, or mental health issues
  • Overdose prevention
  • Prevention of sexually transmitted and bloodborne infections (STIs), situations of sexual exploitation or rape, emergency contraception, etc.

Our partners :

  1. Lueur – Festivals & Évènements

    • This organization allows field and management teams to stay focused on the festivities while having the knowledge and tools necessary to manage situations of sexual exploitation and intervene without disrupting a well-established organization.
  2. SABSA

    • Stationed in a mobile unit located at the entrance of the St-Louis Gate near the main entrance, this organization has the dual objective of reducing overdoses as well as the transmission of certain infections, such as hepatitis C and HIV.
    • Naloxone kits, an antidote that counteracts the effects of opioids, are also distributed.
    • Substance verification service: a user, whether a regular or a first-time user, can have their drug tested before consuming it. Anyone, without discrimination, will be welcome where the service is available. Under an exemption granted by Health Canada, the SABSA team will be able to handle the substances brought to them. Three technologies will be used in the mobile laboratory, namely mass spectrometry, colorimetry, and strips for detecting certain opioids such as fentanyl.
    • The goals are simple: to make an informed decision and limit the harmful effects of psychoactive substance use on individuals, including overdoses.