United to break isolation

Particularly in recent years, too few people have the opportunity to share moments with others, to exchange, to socialize. One of our ambitions at BLEUFEU is to create unforgettable moments to share and bring people together. That is why we are launching the Gathering Effect initiative. When we come together, we can break the isolation.     

From now on, BLEUFEU will donate $0.50 for each pass or ticket sold for its events and shows to local organizations working to break isolation.

About social isolation :

While it's not a new phenomenon, the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted social isolation and the consequences it can entail, particularly in terms of increased risks of developing mental health issues (such as anxiety and depression), as well as its impact on physical health (increased risks of developing heart diseases, hypertension, and even diabetes).  

Beneficiary organizations :

In 2024, the funds raised will be donated to the following five local organizations through the Québec Philanthrope Foundation :  

Maison Hélène-Lacroix  

Located in Ste-Foy and serving the City of Québec, Maison Hélène-Lacroix is a safe shelter and support resource for women victims of violence in the Québec Region.



Le Noël du bonheur  

Le Noël du bonheur works to alleviate the loneliness of non-autonomous individuals in institutions, who are too often forgotten, for whom the little entertainment and rare visits are part of their daily lives.



Based in the St-Roch neighborhood, the PECH workers accompany multiply-experienced individuals in their recovery by valuing and reactivating their strengths, dreams, and civic aspirations.


Fondation Ancrage Jeunesse  

The Ancrage Jeunesse Foundation works to promote the development of the potential of youth who are or have been under the care of Youth Protection by providing them with enriching experiences and fostering meaningful connections with young adults from higher education backgrounds.


Centre multiethnique de Québec  

The Centre multiethnique de Québec welcomes immigrants to support their adaptation through overall integration and to encourage their contribution to the host society in collaboration with their partners.